Videos with General Information about Small Claims Courts

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Small claims courts are divisions of the superior courts that handle cases where people are asking for $7,500 or less. They are designed to be simple, quick, and less costly than regular civil lawsuits. However, for people who have never been to court they may be confusing.

In this section there is a short video with general information about how California’s Small Claims courts work.

It is hoped that these videos will help you understand how the court can help you.

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Basics of Small Claims Court

Producer: Superior Court, County of San Joaquin
Total length: 11:10 minutes
Year: 2008

Part 1:
Introduction to Small Claims Court

(3:10 minutes)
Part 4:
On Your Court Date

(2:23 minutes)

Part 2:
Service of Process

(1:23 minutes)

Part 5:
Collecting the Judgment

(0:46 minutes)

Part 3:
Preparing for Court

Part 6:
Frequently Asked Questions

(2:34 minutes)

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