Family Law:  It Takes Two

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Young coupleThis video tells the story of two teenagers who, on a Prom Night date, have unplanned sex resulting in a pregnancy. The plot then follows the boy and girl during the next twelve months as each experiences the legal, financial, and emotional consequences of this "just one time" sexual act. They wind up in court where the now 19 year old boy finds his life making a turn he did not plan on. The court / legal process is that which is used in California for child support cases but is similar to other jurisdictions.

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Part 1:  Introduction 
(1:46 minutes) 
Part 7:  May - Dept of Child Support
(2:59 minutes) 
Part 2:  May - Prom Night
(4:41 minutes) 
Part 8:  John's Apartment
(2:32 minutes) 
Part 3:  June - a Month Later
(3:47 minutes) 
Part 9:  Facilitator's Office
(6:22 minutes) 
Part 4:  July - Cathy's House
(1:22 minutes) 
Part 10:  September - Court Part 1
(5:48 minutes)
Part 5:  The Call
(2:26 minutes) 
Part 11:  September - Court Part 2
(5:16 minutes)
Part 6:  February - the Hospital
(1:52 minutes) 
Part 12:  Epilogue and Credits
(3:58 minutes)