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Most people believe they will be able to stay together when they get married or register a domestic partnership.  Sometimes, however, one or the other of the spouses or partners wants to end the relationship. If two people have had a child together and then decide to live separate lives, among the most difficult decisions they will have to make is how much time the child will spend living with each parent, and how the parents will share and divide their parenting responsibilities.

In this section there are videos with tutorials about family law cases.

It is hoped that these videos will help you understand how the court can help you.

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Dissolution (Divorce) Tutorial Opens new window
Producer: Superior Court, County of Orange
Length: 18:10 Minutes
Year: 2008

Welcome to Family Law
(2:28 minutes)
About Child Custody - Part 3
Special Issues 
(4:57 minutes)
About Child Custody - Part 1
(4:21 minutes)
About Child Support
(3:23 minutes)
About Child Custody - Part 2
(5:29 minutes)
About Child Visitation
(4:23 minutes)

Child Support Cases Through the
Department of Child Support Services

1. Processing Child Support Orders
(7:00 minutes)
4. Local Bar Association
(3:46 minutes)
2. Family Law Facilitator
(4:05 minutes)
5. What Happens In Court
(1:34 minutes)
3. Dept. of Child Support Services
(1:44 minutes)

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