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Many people who want legal information go to their regular public library for help. Therefore, it’s important for librarians and the people they help to know where and how to get legal information.

This section has two programs to help librarians and people who want to do their own legal research. One is a series of PowerPoint presentations about how to do legal reference at a public library.  The other one is a video to help librarians understand the difference between legal advice and legal reference.

It is hoped that these videos will help librarians and their customers find legal information.

Library Legal Research Presentations

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Section #1:
(3:42 minutes)

Section #2:
What Do We Mean By Legal Research?
(7:29 minutes)

Section #3:
How Is The Court System Structured?
(6:17 minutes)

Section #4:
Deciphering Legal Language
(7:47 minutes)

Section #5:
Decoding Legal Citations
(6:38 minutes)

Section #6:
Using The Public Library
(6:09 minutes)

Section #7:
Using The Internet - General Information
(6:18 minutes)

Section #8:
Using The Internet - California Sites
(11:14 minutes)

Section #9:
Using The Internet - United States Sites
(7:58 minutes)

Section #10:
Using Law Libraries
(7:05 minutes)

Section #11:
Using Other Legal Services
(7:58 minutes)

Section #12:
Program Summary
(7:25 minutes)


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No Legal Advice: The Fine Line In Legal Reference
(11:57 minutes)

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