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Sometimes, no matter how much parents love their child, it is better for the child to live with someone else.  In California, when the court gives custody of a child under the age of 18, or the child's property, or both, to an adult relative or other caregiver, this is called a legal guardianship.  The guardian then has the authority to make decisions for the young child that a parent would normally make, and also assumes certain duties and obligations regarding the child's care and control.

In this section there are two types of videos with information about how California’s court system works in guardianship cases cases.

1. There is one video with actors, showing a person going through a guardianship court case.

2. There are videos with tutorials about guardianship cases.  (coming soon!)

It is hoped that these videos will help you understand how the court can help you.

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Becoming a Guardian

Producer: Superior Court, County of Solano
Length: 28 minutes
Year: 2003


In English, in 8 Parts:


Part 1:  Introduction
(2:00 minutes)

Part 5:  Service of Process
     (8:57 minutes)

Part 2:  Guardianship & Alternatives
(3:20 minutes)

Part 6:  Court Investigation
     (1:38 minutes)

Part 3:  Temporary Guardianship
    (2:45 minutes)

Part 7:  The Court Hearing
     (1:15 minutes)

Part 4:  Getting Started
(6:15 minutes)

Part 8:  After the Hearing
     (1:25 minutes)