How Audio, Visual and Written Information is Linked on This Site

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At different places on this site, you will see:

Show Me | Tell Me

This is where the text is linked with videos showing the same information. To use Show Me | Tell Me, you will need a program on your computer that can play videos and reproduce sound. (See below) Your computer also has to have an electronic speaker.

If your computer can play videos and you click on Show Me, a video will come up giving you the same information the text is giving you at that place. If you click on Tell Me, you will only hear the sound from the video.

For example, if you are reading about "Service of Process" in a Guardianship case and you don't understand the words, or are still not sure you understand the process, you can click on Show Me. This will bring up a video of an actress playing out how to do "Service of Process."

Or if you want to know what to expect in court, you can click on Show Me and you can see what a court proceeding looks like.

The videos are divided into short segments so that you can decide exactly which part you want to see.

To use Show Me | Tell Me, you will need Windows Media software. This program is available to download for free at Microsoft. Opens new window (Windows Media).

All of the videos are available in these standards:

Windows Media 56k
Windows Media 300k (Not Intellistream)

PLEASE NOTE: All of the important information in the videos is also in the text of the website. So if you can't look at videos on your computer, you will not be missing any information that you need.

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